Eternity – Northern Qi Losana Buddha of the Longxing Temple, Nike Adjusting Her Sandal


Mineral composites, mineral pigments, stainless steel

175 x 103 x 293 cm

The lower half of this high relief originates from the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike, on the Athenian Acropolis, portraying a goddess leaning over to adjust her sandal. The intricate details of her drapery create a translucent effect, fitting closely to her body. The upper half features a North Qi figure, depicted in a robe, on which the patterns seem to be related to the concepts of the Six Paths of Samsara from the "Avatamsaka Sutra." This work establishes a complete and vivid structure using fragmented classical sculptures, thereby connecting the speculation of secularism and transcendence, the tangible and the knowable, between Eastern and Western civilizations.

“Eternity” is a series of sculptural installations that fuses together and immortalizes classics of art history and great civilizations. Statues of Greek gods or Chinese divinities and Modern Art sculptures are replicated using mineral composite, taking on the form of visual hybrids.  “Eternity” brings global civilization into a broader perspective, showing through the East - West cultural impact/collision, the historical influence of the traditional Orient and the modern Occident on contemporary life. Two kinds of visual experiences provide viewers neither close nor distant perception on cultural heritage. The use of forms and aesthetics between the East and the West, ancient and modern, figurative and abstract create a timeless classic moment.

Eternity – Northern Qi Losana Buddha of the Longxing Temple, Nike Adjusting Her Sandal

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