Evolution – Tang Dynasty Tomb Pottery Court lady, Boa Mask


Mineral composites, mineral pigments, stainless steel

45 x 82 x 160 cm


The sculpture combines a Tang Dynasty painted pottery female figurine with an African Boa mask. The female figurine stands gracefully with a voluptuous figure and a dignified posture, wearing a Boa mask originating from the Republic of Congo. The mask is believed to have been used in war-related rituals or hunting disguises to enhance the courage of tribal warriors or celebrate victories. The mask's surface is covered with alternating dark and light-colored geometric patterns, and prominent circular ears symbolize alertness. The juxtaposition of these elements transcends traditional gender expressions and cultural differences, turning the female figurine into a new species that navigates between the primitive and the unknown. It can belong to any time, space, and culture while defying precise identification and classification. This combination serves as a metaphor for the existence of individuals and civilizations in the Anthropocene era.

In the same vein as the “Eternity” series, the new series of works “Evolution” is based on cultural elements spanning time and space, and focusing on cultural differences within globalization. However “Evolution” series escapes the realm of classical culture to spread its creation field to a certain primary art, brought by subculture and cultural borders. The interplay of ancient civilizations and the primal nature retained in modern society presents an aesthetic appearance that transcends the shackles of time. Behind the delightful sensory experience, Xu Zhen® reveals the complex transformation of ways of viewing and cognition brought about by the iteration of information technology.

Evolution – Tang Dynasty Tomb Pottery Court lady, Boa Mask

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