Alien 3 – Roman column, Western Han Tomb Pottery Female Dancer


Mineral composites, mineral pigments, stainless steel

190 x 169 x 250 cm

In Alien 3 - Roman column, Western Han Tomb Pottery Female Dancer, the Han dynasty statues vividly capture a moment – with one long sleeve thrown back and the other trailing down, a dancer gently stoops and flexes her knees as she lifts one heel to advance her step; the originally rigid Roman column is transformed into a soft form, coiling around the dancer's body like a snake. The relationship between the two is one of companionship, dancing together, or confrontation, and probing. By transforming materials, purposes, and sizes, the artwork presents a metaphorical scene of civilizational relations in the context of contemporary globalization.

The “Alien” can be traced back to the "Eternity" series launched in 2013. The series extends XU ZHEN®’s persistent interest in subjects such as transformation, iteration and evolvement the civilisation within the context of post-globalisation. The “Alien" is a mutation, a haunting enigma that stirs the depths of imagination. This series unveils a mesmerizing fusion of future and primeval, urging viewers to wander uncharted realms. It is a potent reflection of reality and a fable of tomorrow for all beings.

Alien 3 – Roman column, Western Han Tomb Pottery Female Dancer

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