Alien 2 – Sleeping Hermaphroditus, Female Musician Playing a Zither


Mineral composites, mineral pigments, stainless steel

180 x 200 x 115 cm

Alien 2 - Sleeping Hermaphroditus, Female Musician Playing a Zither draws inspiration from the Western sculptural of the "Hermaphroditus," a figure from Greek mythology often depicted as a girl with male genitalia, giving rise to the term "hermaphrodite." Xu Zhen® juxtaposes “Hermaphroditus” with a Western Han Dynasty pottery figurine of a woman playing a zither, evoking a sense of solace and care. This artwork cleverly engages the viewer's visual and cultural experiences, exploring the ambiguous interactions of cultural identity and gender roles in a post-globalized context, taking the decoding and combination of culture to the extreme.

The “Alien” series can be traced back to the "Eternity" series launched in 2013. The series extends XU ZHEN®’s persistent interest in subjects such as transformation, iteration and evolvement the civilisation within the context of post-globalisation. The “Alien" is a mutation, a haunting enigma that stirs the depths of imagination. This series unveils a mesmerizing fusion of future and primeval, urging viewers to wander uncharted realms. It is a potent reflection of reality and a fable of tomorrow for all beings.

Alien 2 – Sleeping Hermaphroditus, Female Musician Playing a Zither

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