Eternity — Poseidon, Female Figure


Resin, mineral pigments, stainless steel

225 × 62 × 210 cm

“Eternity” is a series of sculptural installation that fuses together and immortalizes classics of art history and great civilizations. Statues of Greek gods or Chinese divinities and modernist sculptures are replicated using mineral composite, taking on the form of visual hybrids.“Eternity” brings global civilization into a broader perspective against the East-West cultural collision, showcasing the influence of the traditional Orient and the modern Occident on contemporary life. The juxtaposition of two visual experiences provides a unique sensory perception of cultural heritage. The tension of forms and aesthetics between the East and the West, the ancient and the modern, the figurative and the abstract creates a timeless classic moment.

On the arms of the ancient Greek Poseidon statue rest three Egyptian female figures from c.3500 – 3400 BC. Despite the historical improbability of the scene, it exudes a visual harmony thanks to the unison of human body language. It is also in concert with an acrobatic aesthetic that spans ancient and modern times - across the East and the West, acrobatics were born in ancient times and have sought to challenge the limits of the human body. In XU ZHEN®'s work, the tension of muscles hints at the tension of civilization. Symbols from different historical and civilization- al contexts are entangled in a wrestle; yet, as a result of their mutually decipherable cultural codes, together they constitute a portal for contemporary cognition to reflect on the history of globalization.

Eternity — Poseidon, Female Figure

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