Light Source – Magdalen With the Smoking Flame


Oil on canvas


“Light Source” series represents renowned paintings from famous museums around the world photographed using flashlight, these masterpieces carrying a halo that reminds of clichés taken by tourists, are produced again applying the finest techniques. Reflects created by the light constitute an intense, almost sacrilegious offend, while providing a glow of adoration and worship.  

The texture and media of the works purposely emanate a certain bewitching feeling: a classic oil painting of a celebrated work shot with flashlight. Painting is photographed, and photography is being recreated. These progressive layers of painting-photograph painting, relate to art history, and contemporary public observation culture in museum. Classic paintings are a planar simulation of a three dimensional visual effect, Light Source series adds a simulation with the representation of a flashlight glint. Viewing and photographing in museums, modern pictorial possession of a famous painting, all place classic painting under the shadow of contemporary technology. These common shortcuts, issued from a light source of our digital era, record traditions. The sudden result changes the contrast of the work, leading to subtle distortions; this mass “fast food” style, unconscious provocation towards traditional classics, are all reproduced using classic techniques in Light Source series: familiar classics are reconstructed by abrupt luminous flux, reflecting contemporary visualizing attitude and culture, therefore Light Source construct and dismantle authority, playing with offense and infatuation.

Light Source – Magdalen With the Smoking Flame

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