Collaboration | DIOR LADY ART #8

Born in Shanghai, Xu Zhen combines installation, video, painting and performance in his singular universe, establishing himself as an emblematic figure of contemporary Chinese art. At the convergence of sociology and history, Xu Zhen’s fascinating works subvert – not without humor -– notions of artisanship and originality (relative to mass production), but also concepts of ownership and globalization in the digital age. He thwarts and questions their effects on the art market, making visible certain dissonances and the resulting absence of logic. For Dior, he wanted to reflect on the value and meaning of discourse, almost caricaturally hijacking certain pre-established formulations.

Inspired by the artist’s “Metal Language” series – and made of transparent plexiglass and mirror-effect printed leather –, his two versions of the Lady Dior are adorned with golden and silver phrases and exclamations applied on a reflective surface. Symbol(s) of the emptiness of a language that no longer has any real functionality, these groups of words are in turn highlighted by metallic chains. Precious and irresistibly facetious objects of desire.

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