A Pile of Passion

  • 2011.02.17-2011.03.24
    ShanghART Main Space, Shanghai, China

    ShanghArt Gallery held the exhibition A Pile of Passion from February 28 to March 20, 2011. Participating artists include, MadeIn Company, Shi Yong, Xiang Liqing, Yang Zhenzhong, Shi Qing, Zhang Ding, Zhang Qing, etc, who warmed this cold beginning of Chinese New Year.

    This gathering is composed of real and fictional, calm and animated, complex and subtle forms, all related by a feeling of passion, presenting a view on artists’ working process, a fragment of their creations. This art invitation is embodied into a poem on happiness and illusion, a colorful game on pressure liberation, a proletarian plant and bird installation, a traveler from cyber ruins, a naked bullfighter, even a fatal virus, all these thoughts spread out from the artists’ mind passing through their studios to arrive the show. Let’s forget for a moment Jean-Paul Sartre statement “Man is a useless passion”, we are still a pile, filled with passion to be exteriorized.

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