Myth/History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art

  • 2014.05.17-2014.06.30
    Yuz Museum, Shanghai

    The Yuz Museum Shanghai, located at the Xuhui Riverside, will mark its grand opening with the exhibition Myth / History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art, featuring many of the significant contemporary works in YUZ collection. Curator for this inaugural exhibition is Prof. Wu Huang, the world famous art critic and Professor at the University of Chicago. The exhibition runs through November 18, 2014. The museum’s opening date of May 18, 2014, also International Museum Day, was chosen as a gesture of support for international art and cultural activities as the YUZ foundation brings the fresh Chinese art scene to the people.

    The curatorial team of Yuz Museum Shanghai has gone great lengths to showcase the foundation’s collection in both a systemic and academic style. This exhibition focuses on the dialogue between “myth” and “history” with all works coming from the Yuz Foundation. Myth / History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art reflects the distinctive characteristics and directions of this important contemporary art collection, and further aims to explore some basic tendencies and logic in contemporary art, and how we construct its narrative. Comprising of more than 100 distinct works, the exhibition showcases a vast range of YUZ art collection – ranging from paintings and photography, to large-scale installations and sculptures. The exhibition will include a unique visitor experience, giving a firsthand view of Mr. Tek’s large-scale works. This exhibition promises to make a big impact in the China contemporary art community and will announce the establishment of a new public contemporary art space in China. Furthermore, through the vision of the YUZ Foundation’s academic committee, led by Professor Wu Hung the Yuz Museum will play an important guiding role in the Museum’s academic and educational program.

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