Spread-by MadeIn, ShanghART Beijing

On the occasion of the second anniversary of ShanghART Beijing, a special project curated and conceptualized by MadeIn is spreading from Shanghai to Beijing now!!!

MadeIn, a newly founded art collaboration initiated by artist Xu Zhen, will exhibit an exquisite selection of works in a wide variety of media (including installation, sculpture, painting, and collage) to represent a compellingly diversified perspective of contemporary Chinese art. The works take on history, politics, and the everyday; approaches informed as much by reality as by fiction.

Following up to MadeIn’s successful debut in 2009, the art agency now extends its curatorial practice by staging a never-seen-before series of mixed-media installations titled Spread (2009). Consisting of various materials and fabrics, these tactile works indicate a playful turn from painting in favor of the three-dimensional object. Here, the structures are fluid; sometimes the contour of the depictions deliberately breaks up, or morphs into sculpture in thick gaudy textures. The intentionally clichéd and controversial imagery of these works mimics satirical cartoons, and refers to today’s politics with special affinity to foreign affairs. MadeIn combines a dazzling array of quotations and images to create visual cacophony while challenging and undermining any pretensions toward current politics. The use of stylized images borrowed from pop culture lends these works a surprising modesty.

Cartoon style takes on an even more biting edge in the series of works Metal Language (2009) that consist of ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ chains formed into speech bubbles which contain slogan-like one-liners. By appropriating and borrowing messages and rhetorical devices of mass media, public service announcements, and news reports these works prompt a critical approach to information. A selection of the works on display premiered in December at Art Basel Miami Beach 09, and later exhibited at ShanghART Huaihai space in January 2010.

Installation ‘Love in fact results from an excess of dopamine in the brain’ is made up of various materials. All kinds of wasted foam blocks build up a giant room which has no entrance, and stage lightings inside reveals from gaps with effects of magnificent fancy colours.

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