How to Eclipse the Light: Curated by Karen Archey

  • 2012.09.07-2012.10.05
    Wilkinson Gallery, London, U.K.

    ‘How to Escape the Light’ celebrates the legacy and ethos of American artist Dara Birnbaum. Recognized for her early adoption of and insistence on video as an artistic medium, Birnbaum has maintained an active artistic practice marked by radical innovation for over three decades. Curated by Karen Archey, “How to Eclipse the Light” traces the influence of Birnbaum’s work, examining how aspects of her practice have proliferated and evolved in subsequent generations of artists’ work. Artists showing alongside Birnbaum include Cory Arcangel, Bernadette Corporation, Simon Denny, Aleksandra Domanovic, Cecile B. Evans, Ilja Karilampi, MadeIn Company, Pamela Rosenkranz, and Kate Steciw. Subjects considered by the exhibition emblematize and build on Birnbaum’s oeuvre, to include the critique of television, the deconstruction of female stereotypes in popular media, appropriation as strategy, the metaphorical containment of the body, and the sculptural use of the television casing, while honoring Birnbaum’s studied approach to politics and feminism.

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