Eye See You As I See You: MadeIn Company & Etalier Des Chene

  • 2011.04.20-2011.04.24
    Gallery Exposition (CIGE) 2011,Beijing, China

    “Eye see you as I see you” is the first collaboration project between MadeIn Company and cutting edge artist, Edison Chen. Using video surveillance system, pictures of eyes, graffiti culture and other elements, they created a series of works analyzing the fact of “ovserving” as a social phenomenon. What does exactly emphaxize, “Eye see you as I see you”? It might be a certain irrepressible passion ,or it could be an intense quest for the future. All of these happen in people”s eyes, and are embodied in these creations. In today’s world, what elso do we have left?

    Famous Hong Kong movie star, Edison Chen, has always shown a profound interest in art creation and urban street culture. In September 2010, after organizing an exhibition with two famous artists and friends Jahan and Jakuan in Singapore, he developed a passion for art. This time, after receiveing CIGE’s invitation and collaborating for the first time with MadeIn Company, Edison Chen ( Etalier Des Chene), will pursue his creations using various media and art, to stimulate people’s mind on these controversial topics.

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