Black Out: The Aphasia and Amnesia of Contemporary Art

  • 2020.11.11-
    Himalayas Museum,Shanghai,China

    Himalayas Museum has gone through a glorious and beautiful time, and has also made its due efforts and contributions to contemporary art. Even though the tide has ebb and flow, and ups and downs, we have not been lost, nor have we given up. Despite the hardships and difficulties that we have encountered, we have been learning and renewing ourselves. And we are still full of hopes and have confidence in our future. The reason why this special exhibition is entitled “Black Out” is to show that even though there have been some embarrassing and helpless situations, contemporary art is also experiencing aphasia and amnesia in the current context. The fact that we dare to honestly face those situations is to demonstrate that we have confidence in ourselves. It also indicates that we will start anew. We will continue to make our efforts in this heated field with ideal and passion and will try to turn a new page in the history of our museum. Even though mountains may have valleys, they have broad terrains. “Black Out” is a turning point and it will bring about sunshine and hope……

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