11 Rooms

  • 2011.07.09-2011.07.17
    Manchester International Festival, Manchester City Galleries, U.K.

    In a series of 11 identical white rooms at Manchester Art Gallery, a space more usually associated with glowing Pre-Raphaelite paintings, curators Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach gave 11 artists a space – and time – to fill. The result was, in Obrist’s words, ‘like a sculpture gallery where all the sculptures go home at 6pm’. Audiences travelled around the gallery interacting with performers and pieces that were resolutely ‘live’. Ambiguous and affecting, 11 Rooms was a major hit with the international art scene and local audiences alike.

    ‘The questioning, individual intelligence motivating each piece seems almost palpable. It adds up to a resonant experience’ The Times.

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